Gary Hall Jr


name: Gary Hall Jr.
September 26, 1974 in Phoenix, AZ
lives in: Paradise Valley, AZ
family: father is Olympic medalist (swimming) Gary Hall Sr.
sport: swimming
trivia: renounced college eligibility in 1994; had a little problem with positive drug tests; first paid endorser of Grateful Dead sunglass line


    • 1992 Long Course Junior National Championships: won both 50m and 100m free
    • 1994 World Championships: 2 golds, 2 silvers
    • 1995 Pan Pacifics: member of record setting 400m free relay team; also won the 50m free, 100m free and 400m medley relay
    • 1995 PanAm Games: gold medal
    • 1996 Olympics: gold in 400m medley relay; gold in 400m free relay; silver in 50m free; silver in 100m free
    • 2000 Olympics: gold in 50m free (tie with Ervin); gold in 400m medley relay; silver in 400m free relay (anchored); bronze in 100m free

comments: Son of Olympic medal winner Gary Hall Sr, Gary Jr has certainly made a name for himself in the world of swimming. Gary was a superstar leading up to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, but fell short to Alexander Popov of Russia. 2000 was a different story in the 50m free at least. There he tied with fellow countryman and training partner Anthony Ervin for the gold. Boasting that he and his teammates would bury the Aussie's in the 400m free relay, the Australian team, led by the amazing Ian Thorpe proved him wrong. Still, Gary's performance in the 2000 Olympics is nothing to be sad about. He walked away with 4 medals, 2 of them gold. Besides being a champion swimmer, Gary's also quite a babe, isn't he?

Latest News:

  • Gary appeared on ABC's "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" recently where he played for himself and a charity. It was part of their Olympics shows.

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