Jonathan Jackson


name: Jonathan Stevens Jackson
born: May 11, 1982 in Orlando, FL
family: Richard (father) and Janine (mother); Richard (older brother) and Candice (sister)
stats: 5'7" , 120 lbs.
pets: five cats: Misty, Meow, Studmuffin, Smokey, Shadow
fav color: blue
fav actor: Christian Slater
fav subjects: math & history
fav sports: basketball and baseball
fav food: PBJ sandwich, pepperoni pizza
most prized possession: Life


Latest News

  • Jonathan has left GH, will he return?
  • Jonathan won the Daytime Emmy for Best Young Actor (his third, if you're counting)
  • Jonathan is being considered as one of the possible picks for Anikin Skywalker in the next episode of Star Wars. Other mentions are Ryan Phillippe and Norman Reedus.


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  • "General Hospital" (1993 - 1999) (TV soap opera) Lucky Spencer
  • Camp Nowhere (1994) Morris Himmel
  • Prisoner of Zenda, Inc (1996) Oliver
  • "The Legend of the Ruby Silver" (1996) (TV) Matt Rainie
  • The Deep End of the Ocean (1998) Vincent (age 16)
  • "Trapped in a Purple Haze" (2000) (TV)Max Hanson
  • The Smiling Suicide Club (2000) Toby

comments: Jonathan started out his career in commercials, after moving to Los Angeles with his mother in 1993. He did a commercial for Kellogg's Corn Pops before auditioning, along with a few hundred other young hopefuls, for the coveted role of Lucky Spencer in "General Hospital". He won the role, and his first appearance was on October 29, 1993. Although acting is his favorite activity, Jonathan also participates in most sports, including basketball, baseball and rollerblading. He also enjoys playing the guitar. Jonathan lives in Los Angeles with his mother brother and sister, but also commutes to spend time with his father, who still lives in Washington state. Jonathan starred in his first feature film, Camp Nowhere . For his portrayal of Lucky, Jonathan won a Daytime Emmy Award as Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series in 1995, and was nominated again in 1996 -- he won again in 1998 and 1999! Jonathan is currently attending college (he graduated high school when he was 16.)  Jonathan got rave reviews for his role in The Deep End of the Ocean, starring Michelle Pfeiffer. Jonathan's band, Scarlet Road, released a CD last year.  And he's left GH for that movie career. Look for him next in "Lost in a Purple Haze", a made-for-TV film, where he plays an 18 year old with lots of hidden family problems who soon sinks into heroine use. Up next: alongside brother Richard in the indie film, True Rights, a tale of Hollywood's ruthless pursuit of true-life stories.

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Scarlet Road

Jonathan's band is called Scarlet Road. They have an album out. Scarlet Road's God Candy is available for purchase at Click here to find out how to buy it!


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