Adam Rickitt


name: Adam Peter Rickitt
born: May 29, 1978 in Cheshire, England
sun sign: Gemini
nickname: Addy
stats: 5'11", blond hair, brown eyes
family: parents, Peter and Jill; older brothers, Tim (estate agent), Mark (director) and Sam (student, recently signed to play for Leicester's rugby team)

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  • "Coronation Street" (TV series) (1997-1999) Nick Tilsley
  • "Live and Kicking" (TV guest apeparance) (1999) himself
  • "I Breathe Again" (single) (1999)
  • "Everything My Heart Desires" (single) (1999)
  • Good Times (album) (1999)
  • "The Best Thing" (single) (2000)

comments: Beautiful Adam Rickitt, no doubt a British national treasure, appeared on the popular British TV series "Coronation Street" before leaving last year to pursue a career in music. Adam's been busy since, recording an album and rerleasing several singles. He also keeps quite busy in the gym; it's reproted he does over 400 sit-ups a day. It shows, doesn't it?! Check out Adam's official website, listed below, for the latest from Adam, plus a huge gallery of grogeous Adam pics.

Did You Know?

  • "The Best Thing" debuted on the UK charts at #25
  • he works out 30 minutes every day when he wakes up
  • he bought his mum a nice coat for Christmas from John Rocha
  • he intends to put his pop career first, making at least 2 more albums
  • he thinks The Matrix was a kick-arse movie
  • he had a bonsai tree, but it died
  • he totally digs Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"
  • he was studying to go to law school
  • he had 2 cats (Murphy and Tinker) and 2 dogs (Turbo and Morgan)


fave TV stars: George Clooney, Melanie Sykes
fave TV show: "Coronation Street" and "Ally McBeal"
fave film stars: Sean Connery, Cameron Diaz
fave animal: tiger, koala
least fave animal: poodle
fave number: 2
fave cartoon: Tom & Jerry
fave singers: Conner Reeves, Tracy Chapman
fave music: Jamariqiuo
fave planet: Venus
his ideal lady: "It really doesn't matter to me as long as they have a good personality and they are really, really nice."
4 things he always takes with him when he travels: aspirin, crereal, nice aftershave, toothbrush

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