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Latest News...

    • Assasinate 'N SYNC? A 17 year old Tennesse boy's plan to kill the members of 'N SYNC was thwarted by his mother and authorities just days before he planned to attack and kill them! See full story here.
    • The tour: opening acts for the next leg are SoulDecision, Dream, Innosense and Baha Men
    • Latest appearance schedule: check out 'N SYNC's latest appearance schedule here.
    • "This I Promise You" moves up on Billboard: from #31 to #19, the greatest gainer for the week. NSA falls from 8 to 14 on the same chart.
    • MTV Europe Awards: the guys were nominated for Best Pop Act. The ceremonies air November 16th.
    • Rumors: the guys might have a duet with meredith Edwards which would appear on her album (Meredith is rep'd by Lance's Freelance Entertainment).
    • More rumors: the guys are considering releasing "This I Promise You" in a country version and releasing it to that market.
    • Even more rumors: it appears the movie deal will be Grease 3. Go figure. Or blame it on the upcoming screen actor's guild strike. (Come on guys, Grease 2 sucked. What more can be done with that, anyway?)
    • Live from Madison Square Garden was released October 10th
    • A Platinum Christmas: the compilation Christmas album will feature a song from 'N SYNC. The album will also include the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, R Kelly, Pink and Kenny G among others. The 'N SYNC song will be "I Don't Want To Spend One More Christmas Without You". The album will be released by Jive. Go here for the complete list of songs.
    • The guys will take a break after Christmas to relax and work on a few solo projects. Recording for the next album is scheduled to begin in early 2001.
    • Not So Boy Band: Joey's dad's group Not So Boy band will open for 'N SYNC on November 1st in Orlando.
    • Re-shooting TIPY: the boys were in San Francisco this weekend re-shooting scenes from the video.
    • Bart gets a lesson: look for 'N SYNC on "The Simpsons" this season. They teach Bart how to form a boyband.
    • 'N SYNC on The Grinch: the boys will be featured on the soundtrack to How the Grinch Stole Christmas with "You Don't Have To Be Alone", in stores November 7th.
    • It appears Justin & Britney ARE a couple: Britney Spears was quoted in an upcoming issue of Elle magazine as saying that it's true, she and Justin are dating and have been for some time. We wanna know why all the denials and misinformation to their fans then? What do they have to hide? (See related stories below for the history of this mess.) The magazine quotes Britney as saying: "When you're really comfortable with someone you love, the silence is the best. And that's how me and J. are. When we're in a room together, we don't have to say anything. And when we go out to a club, it's like we're the only two people there. It's for real." In a related story, the November issue of CosmoGirl has a feature on Justin that talks about his meeting with Britney for the first time. Justin is also on the cover of that issue, which hit newstands October 2nd. It appears the cat is out of the bag. Check out Justin's latest comments about Britney on the 'N SYNC website.
    • Justin slipping in the polls?: Justin lost to Freddie Prize Jr for the title of King of AOL; and he came in third in a CosmoGirl poll on the hottest singer. 1st place was Eminem, 2nd was Kevin Richardson. In related news, No Strings Attached is currently #8 on the Billboard charts with 24 weeks on the chart.
    • Challenge For the Children II: the charity basketball game was held July 28-29 in NYC, raising over $550,000 for kids!
    • MTV Music Video Awards: from Radio City Music hall on Sept 7th, features a performance by 'N SYNC. The boys got 6 nominations. Says Justin: "we didn't think that by this time this year we'd even get tickets to sit down at the Video Music Awards, and hey, were still here."
    • "It's Gonna Be Me" went to #1 on the Top 100 Countdown: and according to Justin, it's their first #1 on the countdown
    • McDonalds CD and more: Starting August 8th, the new promo CD is available at participating McDonalds in the US. 'N SYNC is featured with 2 new songs, along with Britney Spears. 'N SYNC will also be featured in a McDonalds' commercial airing in September to promote the CD; and the boys will be on cups and french fry boxes.
    • 'N SYNC lip balm: yes, it's true, the boys will have their own brand of lip balm out in stores later this summer. Justin's flavor is vanilla.
    • Justin and Britney: the rumor that just won't die: apparently someone somewhere really wants Justin and Britney to be together; it's been reported that Britney gave an interview to a Texas radio station where she confirmed they were an item; this could not be confirmed, and we're assuming it's another fabrication. The last word is: they're not now nor have they ever been together.
    • Oops, they did it again: The British press went with a story that had Justin and Britney Spears engaged to be married. Problem is: it's not true at all. Spokespeople for both Justin and Britney were quick to deny the reports as utterly false.
    • The tongue piercing issue: some fans swear that Justin has a tongue piercing (some say they've seen it in a video); others say this is not true, they were up close at recent concerts and no evidence of piercing is visible. Wonder what the truth actually is?
    • Justin sometimes thinks that his two brothers would forget about him if he wasn't on TV all the time.
    • A newspaper recntly said: if Elvis is the King, Justin is the Prince.
    • Justin and the cop: Justin recently got a speeding ticket. He would have asked the cop if he wanted his autograph, but as he says, "I'll never use my fame to get me out of something."
    • 'N SYNC has signed to do a movie, entitled Why Can't I Be With You it starts filming in August with a release sometime in 2001.
    • What he misses most about home: his grandma's cobbler
    • Justin's new digs: Justin recently purchased a new home.
    • Justin appeared in a film: Justin made his acting debut (if the skit appearance on SNL doesn't count), appearing in "Model Behaviour", which aired March 12h on ABC. The movie also featured Kathie Lee Gifford. Filming was completed in early November. Justin had his first onscreen kiss in the film.
    • Bye Bye Bye can be seen at the Bye, Bye, Bye website.
    • 'N SYNC worked with famed songwriter/producer/singer Richard Mrx on "I Promised You" for the new album, No Strings Attached. When Marx was asked about the project, he said: "Well my sons thought I was cool for about 10 seconds 'cause I worked with NSYNC."
    • The puppets from AMA's marched down Times Square the day the new album was released
    • Justin's hair is currently: in cornrows
    • The Justin Timberlake Foundation: Justin has started a charity. Good move, Justin!
    • Check out the official 'N SYNC website for a Christmas message from Justin and the guys!
    • Those feuding boybands update: The judge has denied an injucntion against 'N SYNC in the latest news from the court case: 'N SYNC can continue to use the name and there is no holding back on the release of No Strings Attached. Apparently former manager, Lou Perlman said in court papers he "considered himself the 6th member of 'N SYNC". The judge wanted to know what his share was.
    • Those feuding boybands: It appears that 'N SYNC's potential switch to Jive has current Jive darlings, the Backstreet Boys, up in arms. The Boys have threatened to leave Jive if 'N SYNC joins the label. Since millions is at stake, both Jive and RCA are saying publicly that they'll hold each group to their contracts. At issue: money. Both groups don't think they're getting enough of the take.
    • 'N SYNC has indicated their desire to break away from RCA Records and Transcon: the new album's release will be delayed until sometime in 2000 due to possible litigation with RCA; the group is looking to sign with Jive Records
    • 'N SYNC has a cameo and performance in Jack of All Trades, with Antonio Sabato Jr, Danielle Fishel and others.
    • Chris has started his own line of clothes: fu-man-skeeto
    • "The Music of My Heart" released August 1st has the boys teamed up with Gloria Estafan. It's the title song for the film of the same name.


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fave food/drink: Spaghetti, Chocolate Milk; Apple Jacks; pizza, Coke, Tupelo Chicken
fave ice cream flavor: chocolate chip; or his new fave, Daquiri from Baskin Robins.
fave candy: Mentos
fave candybar: Carmello
fave cereal: the new Oreo O's( he has a big tupperware bowl for this purpose)
fave actor/actress: Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Meg Ryan
fave movie: Usual Suspects, Scream, 12 Monkeys, Ferris Bueller's Day Off
fave TV show:
"Southpark", "Simpsons", "Friends" and "Dawson's Creek"
fave "Friends" babe: Jennifer Aniston
fave author:
John Grisham
fave book: Clue
fave word: crunk (it means crazy)
fave color: Baby Blue, Hunter Green, and Royale Blue
fave college:
UNC (University of North Carolina)
fave college b-ball team: UNC-CH Tarheels
fave sport: b-bal, soccer, football
fave clothes: Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Nike, A&F
fave cologne: A&F Woods
fave toy as a kid: different little guitars
fave animal: dog
fave Spice Girl:
Mel B, Emma
Spice name: Bouncy Spice or Curly Spice
fave models: Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks
fave city to tour: Dallas
fave music: R&B, Hip Hop
fave 'N SYNC song (that he sings): " God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You"
fave song: Brian McKnight's "Never Felt This Way"
greatest musical influence: Brian McKnight
fave holiday: Christmas
fave date: dinner, then a party at a friend's house
fave first date: watch videos and talk
fave asset in a girl: confidence
what he looks for in a girl: somebody optimistic, a good listener, with confidence
fave feature (his): his tongue and hands ('cuz he plays b-ball)
fave b-ball team: Orlando Magic
first kiss: at 13, with a girl named Mindy
likes: Hawaii; his hands (because of b-ball)
dislikes: racism, snakes, spiders and sharks; his curly hair; fake people; girls who smoke; girls who bite their nails
wears: glasses
fears: when fans throw stuff onstage during a performance
ideal date: a quiet dinner at an Italian restraunt, with good conversation so he can get to know the girl. He is known to bring a girl a single rose and make homemade brownies

self-description: "charismatic"

most embarassing moment: broke his thumb while performing a little slide move on stage (but finished the song!)

Quote of the Month:

Q: If you have to choose between a hug and akiss, which would you choose and why? What is your favorite type of kiss?

Justin: "Depends on what I need. An honest and slow kiss is the most intimate thing between two people."


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