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name: Daniel Jacob Zavatsky
born: June 1, 1982 in Longbeach, CA
lives in: the "LBC"
family: parents, Steve and Debbie; sister, Jennifer
trivia: got his start working in commercials; wants to get a tattoo on the inside of his lower lip; he claims they read all their mail personally; he has a blue pager; he enjoys being the youngest member of the group because it means he can get away with a lot; he has tutors
piercings: 3, in his ear
nickname: Spider G (in the song "Don't Stop" Danny's rap is: "Spider G from the back")
stats: 5'10", brownish blond hair, blue-green eyes
hobbies: surfing and skateboarding and snowboarding, and wakeboarding
if he wasn't in No Authority: he'd be a professional surfer
afraid of: heights
worst habit: biting his nails
best habit: not smoking
habits: "always trying to pick up girls"
things he looks for in a girl: pretty smiles, fun personalities, not too skinny, intelligence, into sports or ESPECIALLY surfing, nice butts and good dancers; he's dated a younger fan
quote: "I like all kinds of women. My age limit is 32. I don't just like surfer girls."
fave bands: 112 ("great harmonies"); Ginuwine ("I love the song 'The World Is So Cold")
fave actor/actress: John Travolta, Alicia Silverstone
fave movie: Speed, Scream
fave TV show: The Price Is Right, Real World, Road Rules
fave book: The Lost World, The Bad Place
fave song from CD: Why
fave food/drink: Taco Bell, Dr. Pepper, and pizza
fave color: blue
fave subject in school: "lunch break"
nicest thing a fan has said to him: "Will you marry me?"

most influential person: "My mom because she has supported me all the way."
his inspirations: NKOTB, Bobbie Brown, R&B groups, grandpa and the fans
five word self description: club-hopping girl-loving surfer
best buds: Eric, Josh, Ric, Roland and Brent


Quote of the Month: "It depends on how young she is and she has to be cool"


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  • "Keep On" CD (1997) (MJJ Music) No Authority
  • "What I Wanna Do" (single) (1999)
  • "No Authority" CD (1999-2000) (MJJ Music, The WORK Group)


comments: Native Californian Danny Zavatsky, the shyest and cutest member of those hot SoCal rappers "No Authority", got his start in television commercials. He's worked with the Hughes brothers (of Dead Presidents fame), and he did an Oreo commercial. Apparently he also met his fellow band members on some of those auditions. Two years later, "No Authority" has a winning debut CD and a hit single, "Don't Stop". The group, known for their dancing and singing first started performing in Southern California before landing a recording contract with MJJ Music. Their debut CD, "Keep On" is a mix of romantic ballads and danceable tracks. Danny does all the rapping for the group, and as the youngest member of the group, Danny is also known as the group's prankster, playing jokes on his fellow band members all the time. When asked if all the screaming fans have changed him, Danny replies: "Yes, I've changed, I'm deaf!" In addition to being the prankster, he also claims to be the coolest member of the group (remember that tattoo, now!). The last year saw the group losing a member and then gaining a new member, joining the All That Tour and they're poised to release a new self-titled CD.

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