July 2000:

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The In Crowd


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The In Crowd (2000)
Directed by Mary Lambert

cast :

Susan Ward .... Brittany Foster
Lori Heuring .... Adrien Williams
Matthew Settle .... Matt Curtis
Nathan Bexton .... Bobby
Ethan Erickson .... Tom
Laurie Fortier .... Kelly
Kim Murphy .... Joanne
Katharine Towne
Daniel Hugh Kelly
Jay Ferguson

Produced by James G. Robinson
Executive Producers: Jonathan A. Zimbert and Michael Rachmil
Written by Mark Gibson & Philip Halprin
Rated PG-13
The In Crowd (2000)

What Would You Do to Get In?

Adrien Williams (Lori Heuring) has spent time at a psychiatric hospital, learning to come to terms with a troubled past. Nearly recovered and on the recommendation of her doctor (Daniel Hugh Kelly), Adrien has a new life awaiting her. She is about to be released from medical care and will begin a job on the staff of a posh country club.

Adrien is looking for a quiet, anonymous life as she begins to re-enter society. But she is too beautiful and self-possessed to be overlooked by the "in crowd" at the club, a clique of attractive, wealthy young people led by Brittany Foster (Susan Ward), their charismatic leader.

Brittany takes Adrien under her wing, showing her the benefits of the privileged life and introducing her to other members of her inner circle, including the object of Brittany's affection, tennis pro Matt Curtis (Matthew Settle). But when Matt shows an interest in Adrien, Brittany perceives a threat to her ranking as the group's leader and reveals a sinister side. Soon, Adrien realizes that Brittany and her pack of friends will do anything to protect their group and the lethal secrets they harbor.


Sometimes, Being Popular Can Be Murder.

Morgan Creek Productions presents The In Crowd, starring Susan Ward, Lori Heuring, Matthew Settle and Nathan Bexton. Also starring are Ethan Erickson, Laurie Fortier, Kim Murphy, Katharine Towne, Jay Ferguson and Daniel Hugh Kelly. The In Crowd is a Morgan Creek Production directed by Mary Lambert with James G. Robinson producing and Jonathan A. Zimbert and Michael Rachmil serving as executive producers. The script is written by Mark Gibson & Philip Halprin. The director of photography is Tom Priestley, production designer is John D. Kretschmer and editor is Pasquale Buba. Music is by Jeff Rona. Costume designer is Jennifer L. Bryan. The film is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Time Warner Entertainment Company.

Louisiana native Susan Ward (Brittany Foster) is perhaps best known for her lead role as the young heroine Meg Cummings on Aaron Spelling's NBC daytime drama, "Sunset Beach".

Lori Heuring (Adrien Williams) has worked consistently in feature films and television since leaving her home state of Texas for Los Angeles just a couple of years ago. Heuring's feature film credits include Richard Linklater's cool Western, The Newton Boys, starring Matthew McConaughey, Skeet Ulrich, Ethan Hawke and Julianna Margulies.

Nathan Bexton plays the pivotal role of Bobby, a charming member of the "crowd" with an alcohol problem. "I play the sardonic drunk," Bexton laughs. "Although the drinking masks a deeper problem, it frees him to be sarcastic and facetious. If Brittany is the group's queen, I'm the court jester who can speak the truth." Bexton has starred as the enigmatic and angelic Montgomery in Gregg Araki's underground hit, Nowhere, and was recently seen in Doug Liman's dark comedy, Go, as a rave kid who is an integral cohort in a drug deal gone awry. His upcoming feature projects include roles in the '60s satire Psycho Beach Party, which played at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival; the black comedy Play Dead, with Diva Zappa; and Ropewalk, which filmed on location in Nantucket.


An ally of Adrien's is Joanne, played by Kim Murphy. "I'm a co-worker at the club who befriends Adrien, and I warn her about the people whom I consider bad, people in the "crowd" I think are going to hurt her," Murphy says. "They're living this decadent, dangerous life on the edge, and I see that Adrien doesn't really know what she's doing. I'm sort of the moral compass of the movie and Adrien's confidante."

Laurie Fortier portrays Kelly, a member of the debauched rich hipsters who happens to have a crush on Brittany. "While she's independent of the group, she is still very loyal," says Fortier. "When Adrien is brought into the group, she becomes very jealous of the new friendship between her and Brittany. Because that jealousy comes from her vulnerability, it's a challenge making her a likable character." Fortier will next be seen starring in the independent film Dean Quixote.

Matthew Settle (Matt Curtis) was most recently seen on the big screen in the hit sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Brandy, and on HBO's organized crime drama, "Lansky," appearing as the young Bugsy Siegel.

Minneapolis native Ethan Erickson (Tom) has been a performer since he began training as a gymnast at age 8. Erickson attended the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque before transferring to UC Santa Barbara, where he continued training as a gymnast. He graduated with a B.A. in English literature and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Since then, he has appeared in several feature films, including the recent Jawbreaker, with Rose McGowan and Rebecca Gayheart.

Director Mary Lambert has an eclectic body of work that includes feature films Pet Sematary, starring Fred Gwynne and Miko Hughes, and Pet Sematary II, starring Anthony Edwards and Eddie Furlong. She also directed the independent films Siesta, starring Ellen Barkin, Gabriel Byrne, Jodie Foster and Julian Sands, and Clubland, about L.A.'s music scene.


Check out the Official website for the film: The In Crowd for more details about the film!



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