Stephen Gately


Stephen Patrick David Gately

born: March 17, 1976 in Dublin
family: parents, Margaret and Martin; brothers, Mark, Tony and Alan; sister, Michelle
nickname: Homeboy

stats: 5' 7"

fave song on album: "Don't Stop Looking For Love"

latest news:

    • Stephen to play Billy Liar: Stephen won the lead role in the upcoming Broadway production of Billy Liar, beating out fellow bandmate Ronan and others. The production will open Spring 2001 in New York.
    • No go on Harry Potter for Stephen: Stephen was pretty confident of landing a part in the upcoming Harry Potter film, but porducers have indicated they don't want him. Stephen revealed this in a recent radio interview. In the same interview he said he was looking into putting together his own band early next year.
    • "I Believe" appears in the film Billy Elliot. Coincidently, Stephen used the name "Billy Elliot" recently when checking into a London hotel. Apparently he never uses his real name.
    • Polydor loves Stephen: Polydor released a statement recently saying the rumors were NOT true. They're very happy with Stephen and very much "looking forward to being part of his future success". Gee, wonder who's been spreading those rumors anyway?
    • Polydor hates Stephen: Rumor is that Stephen is about to be dropped by label Polydor. Sales of "I Believe" failed to make it into the Top 10, so Polydor wants out.
    • Looks like Stephen will be moving to The Netherlands to be closer to bf Eloy. Said Stephen to the UK's The Mirror: "I love Holland. The atmosphere is very relaxed and open-minded, which is something that is hard to find."
    • Stephen failed to show up for a planned chat at BBC Radio 1 in September. He was in The Netherlands with Eloy taking a much needed break instead.
    • Rumor has it that Stephen will be appearing in Malaysia soon


trivia: loves everything Disney; would secretly love to sing a Walt Disney song

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status: Stephen is currently seeing Dutch, ex-boyband member, Eloy de Jong. (The Sun, June 16, 1999) He says they are in love.

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