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the story: Take 5 are a boyband that have just started out at the beginning of the year. They are aged 15-18 and are all Florida based and have the same mangagement company as the Backstreet Boys. They performed in the Orlando bands together concert for charity (raising money for the tornado victims) with many other famous bands aswell as the BSB. The're record company is Edel Records and have released one CD in the US, parts of Europe and Germany. There self titled album ('Take 5') has gone gold in Asia recently and they have featured in over 4 UK magazines.

discography: They have released one single in the US, Germany and Asia called 'I Give'. As well there album was released in Asia where it went gold. Their single 'I Give' is due to be released in the UK on the 26th of October (the day after they leave the UK) Forth coming singles are due to be released soon like 'All of the Above' and 'Never had it so good'.

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  • I Give (single) (1999)
  • Shake It Off (single) (2000)
  • Take 5 (CD) (2000)

Up Next?

  • Latest on the boys: Stevie prefers to be called Steve; TJ just got his own apartment; Tilky has buffed up and dyed his hair black; Clay turned 16 recently
  • Adopt-a-Star members meet Take 5! Read about Michelle and Heather's Take 5 Encounters!
  • New Album: the new Take5 album is due out soon



the guys: Take 5 is: Jeffery Clayton Goodell, Ryan Goodell, Stephen Sculthorpe, Tilky Jones and Timothy Christofore


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