the boys: From IOU to Westside to Westlife. In a field ever populated by pretty faced boys and melodious harmonies, Westlife was definitely not just another boy band from Ireland. With a Guinness Record, a hit album, a successful Asian and U.S. Tour under their belts and millions of fans around the world singing their songs, the lads might just be the best thing that happened in the world of pop music. A mere 18 months ago, Shane, Kian and Mark and three others began as IOU. Their big break came when Shane's mum decided to call up Boyzone manager Louis Walsh. Skeptical at first, Louis attended a gig where they opened for stateside phenomena, the Backstreet Boys, and decided the lads had something. One by one the other three guys were dropped. Auditions were held in Dublin and Bryan and Nicky were added. Soon thereafter, the lads renamed their group from Westside to Westlife and released their first single. Well, they hit big with Ronan Keating as manager and the rest is history! The biggest sensation to hit the world boy band market, Westlife is on the fast tract to success.

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  • "Swear It Again" (single) (1999)
  • "If I Let You Go" (single) (1999)
  • "Swear It Again" (EP) (1999)
  • "Flying Without Wings" (single) (1999)
  • "Seasons in the Sun/I Have a Dream" (double single) (1999)
  • Westlife (CD) (2000)


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Latest News!

  • The new album is slated to be released October 31st!
  • Along with the Backstreet Boys, the lads of Westlife did Stockholm in style before departing. In rented limos they made many club stops, running up between them a $40,000 bar bill. That's a LOT of champagne! Nicky told the UK's Daily Star: "We went out to all the top clubs and really let our hair down. We drove around in limos and the champagne flowed all night. There was a huge bar bill at the end, but it was the last chance to really chill out before the serious work begins."
  • The boys were in Stockholm, Sweden recently recording their next album. Read adopt-a-star Fatima's encounter with the lads of Westlife in Stockholm!
  • The boys have a routine they follow before going onstage: they first gather in a circle while somebody says a prayer; then they say a qucik "Hail Mary", count to 3 in Irish and then step on stage.
  • Westlife uses stylst Kenny Ho, who also works on the Spice Girls and David Beckham
  • Although Mark loves living the popstar lifestyle, he reckons the idea of being really famous scares him to death
  • Tidbits: Shane loves milk; Nicky has prominent scars on his elbow and head which he got after an accident in Leeds, and near his belly button, which he got after his hernia surgery
  • Kian recently passed his driving test and plans to buy not one, but 2 new Porsches! By the way, Nicky drives a Peugot 306 convertible which he got for a really good price with Roanan Keating's help.
  • Bryan went to the same school as Mikey from Boyzone
  • "Swear It Again" is the biggest selling single in the US at the moment
  • Next album is due for release October 31, 2000
  • The single "I Have a Dream" is the most requested song at Irish funerals
  • Westlife recorded their version of "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins, with diva, Mariah Carey, in Capri
  • Westlife will do a massive world tour next year
  • For their American debut, the lads re-recorded the video for "Swear It Again" at a carwash. Nigel Dick, of Britney Spears fame, directed.
  • "We Are One" will appear in the upcoming film A Monkey's Tale
  • The lads are headed for the Guiness Book of World Records: "Fool Again", their latest single went to number 1, their 5th straight single to do so. Says Kian: "This is one of the greatest moments. It is like a dream come true. Who would have ever imagined two years ago that we would be making chart history? We'd like to thank everyone that has supported us."
  • "Seasons in the Sun/I have a dream" reached number 1 in the UK.
  • They've apparently won Record of the Year, beating out Ronan Keating
  • Look for the lads' next single (?) to top the end of the year Christmas single charts in the hot and heavy UK single's contest. Those perenial faves, The Spice Girls have held that position for three years running. Time for a change? (Or will those singing squirrels is it? win? or that 50-something guy? My, my, and we thought American pop music was in trouble!)

Bryan McFadden Kian Egan  Mark Feelihy Nicholas Bryne Shane Filan
born: April 12, 1980 born: April 29, 1980 born: May 28, 1980 born: October 9, 1978 born: July 6, 1979
star sign: Aries star sign: Taurus star sign: Gemini star sign: Libra star sign: Cancer
stats: 6'1" stats: 5' 8 1/2" stats: 5' 11" stats: 5' 9 1/2" stats: 5'9"
lives: Artane, Dublin lives: Sligo, Ireland lives: Sligo, Ireland lives: Baldage, Ireland lives: Sligo, Ireland
family: sister, Susan family: 3 brothers, 3 sisters family: 2 brothers family: 1 sister, 1 brother family: 3 brothers & sisters
pets: a Shih Tzu, Chip pets: had a cat, it died pets: black lab, Snoopy pets: had a dog, it died pets: german sheppard, Kaiser
hobbies: music, football, girls, spending money hobbies: snooker, guitar, sax, drums, clarinet and flute hobbies: tennis, football, snooker hobbies: football, snooker, eating outside and shopping hobbies: horse riding, snooker, pitch & putt
quote: "Live life and deal with tomorrow when it comes." quote: "Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated." quote: "Money isn't everything, happiness is." quote: "Never think that anyone's better than you and never think that you're better than anyone else."  

More info on Westlife is available here.



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