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Boybands II
reviews and commentary by Christopher Dellea


Hey kiddos!!! When I first started this column I wrote about the boyband craze that is sweeping the nation and making teenager's hearts across America flutter. Since there are sooooooo many boybands out there now a days it is nearly imposible for me to review every single album by everyone.

So ocassionally you will see me cut loose and review three of these "pretty boys" albums. Let's start off with the highly anticipated sophmore effort from 'N SYNC.


No Strings Attached

It finally arrived in stores March 21st. After a legal battle and a label change, 'N SYNC's highly anticipated second album is in the hands of many boyband fans. This effort was well worth the wait. 'N SYNC does not disappoint and they venture into a more R and B / Hip Hop feel. Hitting off strong with the hit number one single "Bye Bye Bye", No Strings Attached delivers a one, two punch of dancable excitement and groovy beats. One can just envision how the next video is going to expertly choreographed or how the tour number is going to be staged.

A great example of this is "Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Yay)" featuring Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes from TLC. I can see 'N SYNC in cowboy hats in outer space gettin jiggy with it. Let us not forget the ballads. Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez's vocals blend perfectly together on the tender heartbreakers "This I Promise You" (written by Richard Marx) and "That's When I'll Stop Loving You". I believe "This I Promise You" will be requested at a lot of high school proms this year.

Ending this wonderful masterpiece is "I Thought She Knew", an accapella performance which allows member Joey Fatone to shine. 'N SYNC is back and better than ever so you better run out and catch this album!!! 'N SYNC No Strings Attached.

Grade: A


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Chapter One: A New Beginning
The Moffatts

Straight out of Canada come the brothers Moffatt. Originally a country and western group, they allowed rock and roll into their soul and have made a very respectable album. Many tracks are produced by Glen Ballard, who gave Alanis Morisette her edge on 1996's Jagged Little Pill, and they have to be some of the best songs on the recording. Lead vocalist Scott has passion and intensity in his voice and brothers Bob, Clint and Dave blend in well together. They also play their own instruments to a perfection. I applaud these young talents. What I like most about this album is you feel real emotion from these boys through their voices. It is finally great to see talented rock and roll teens again. Just wait till May when Hanson rocks it out with their sophmore effort. It's gonna be explosive.

Grade: B+




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Music from
the MTV Original TV Movie


Never has an album been so clever to spoof one of music's biggest crazes. In case not everyone is with the times or hasn't seen the film, "2gether" is MTV's first full-length original movie. Formed and managed by the Great Bob Bass (Alan Blumenfeld), the band encompasses the formula of today's boyband.

There is "the rebel bad boy"(Alex Solowitz as Mickey Parke), "the shy, bashful type" (Noah Bastian as Chad Linus), "the little guy, a doey-eyed youngster" (Michael Cuccione as Q.T. McKnight), "the reasuring, older brother-type" (Kevin Farley as Doug Linus), and "the heartthrob" (Evan Farmer as Jerry O'Keefe).

The debut song "U+Me=Us (Calculus)" is a hilarious effort that will stay in your head for a long, long time. "Before We Say Goodbye" teaches us some boys only have one thing on their minds and that is sex. The greatest line in that song which gets me chuckling is "But before we break up, can I still have sex with you.(Have sex with you)" Just too funny!!! It is really impressive that the actors actually provided their real voices to the soundtrack.

One of the 2gether members who really stands out is Michael Cuccione. He powerfully belts out each note with such feeling and perfection. He should cut his own album. I would like to add on this album there are two other bands: Whoa! and Unity. Whoa! was formerly owned by Bob Bass but decided to part with him after the heartthrob of the group got a tatoo. They have a hit song called "Rub One Out". It is pretty racy but oh sooooooo funny if you understand it, hehehe. I really don't know who this Unity band is but their sound is definatley Latin. It is smooth and oh so addictive.

If you want laughs galore pick this soundtrack up!!!

Grade: A
Movie: A++++




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