Yesterday's Movie Stars

Even in the not so distant past, hunks populated the theaters and your parents' TV screens. Some of them are still around, making films and TV appearances. We're sure there are more than this, but it's a good place to start.

Shane, where are you?

Shane McDermott

You just gotta miss Shane. After Airborne and the short stint on a soap, the gorgeous Shane juts seemed to disappear. Where are you Shane?

Check out our page on Shane McDermott.

As well as these other stars...

Matt Adler Vincent Larusso
Mackensie Astin James LeGros
Sean Astin Matthew Lillard
Christopher Atkins Chad Lowe
C. D. Barnes Rob Lowe
Robby Benson Ralph Macchio
Matthew Broderick Shane McDermott
Josh Brolin William McNamara
Tom Cruise Sean Murray
Macaulay Culkin Jack Noseworthy
Patrick Dempsey River Phoenix
Johnny Depp Keanu Reeves
Kevin Dillon Jason James Richter
Matt Dillon Michael Schoeffling
Sean Fox Rick Schroder
Johnny Galecki Christian Slater
Corey Haim Billy Smith (UK)
Anthony Michael Hall Henry Thomas
Rodney Harvey Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Noah Hathaway Jay Underwood
C. Thomas Howell Michael Vartan
Omri Katz Jan Michael Vincent
Matt Keesler William Zabka
Tommy Kirk

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